How to Use Beans in Home Decor

You’ve learned how to make lentils, the delicious power food for families. But have you ever considered how you can use dried beans to add some color in your home. Yes, I’ve used green split peas to decorate my home.

Dried Beans

At my local Whole Foods I picked up a big bag of green split peas from their bulk foods section and in no time I added a punch of color to my dining room!

Selecting the Beans for Home Decor 

Most grocers sell dried lentils and other beans. Common colors can be a bit drab – browns and blacks. You might be surprised with the other more vibrant colors. Beans like lentils are available in yellow, red and green. Consider kidney beans for their deep maroon or the lighter green in the split peas I used. Purchase a few pounds of beans to place in a vase or other clear container. Mix different beans for contrast. 

Using dried beans from cooking to decorating is a smart mama way. I look forward to learning how you use beans in home decor!


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