How to Play the Ghosted Halloween Game

The Ghosted Halloween Game is a fun Halloween activity for families! Tis the season for spookiness, trickery and silliness! Getting the entire family involved from family Halloween costumes, to baking Halloween desserts to partaking in the Ghosted  tradition you can keep Halloween safe and fun! 

A cousin called me a few October’s ago to see if we had been GhostedI hadn’t a clue what she was talking about. Did I ghost what??

She said, “Ok, don’t answer the door right away when we come knocking in an hour.”  What? An hour later I saw her car pull up. I made sure Isabella, then just 5, was distracted with something.

The doorbell rang and there was a rather loud bang on the door. I peeked out and saw my nephew running back to their car. Of course, my daughter was quick to wonder who was at the door. I delayed opening by a minute. The two of us opened the door and a bag of candy sat at our feet. Three papers were stapled and placed below. The first paper was of a ghost. We had been Ghosted!

We read through the papers and of course enjoyed a few pieces of candy. We learned how to GhostWe couldn’t wait to Ghost the next night!

How to Play the Ghosted Halloween Game

  1. Hang the paper ghost on your front door to let others know you’ve been Ghosted! You can click the ghost below to print it.
  2. Photo copy or print from here the How to Ghost directions and the Ghost sign two times. Click the directions to open it on a plain page and then print. 
  3. Fill 2 bags with candy and/or treats.
  4. After dark and with an adult, leave the bag and papers at the footstep of 2 neighbors or friends home. Knock or ring the doorbell and quickly run! Try not to let them see you!
  5. Look around the neighborhood and watch all the Ghosted signs begin to appear!

The kids will have a blast playing the Ghosted Halloween Game! It’s a Halloween activity for families to do year after year! We’re in year three! Can’t wait to Ghost again next year!

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