How Mercalli Easy is Stabilizing Mom’s Jittery Videos

We aren’t about to walk around with a tripod in our back pocket all day. Moments for impromptu video captures happen. We pull out the camera and quickly grab a great shot of a baby’s 1st steps or big brother’s perfect shot into the playground basketball hoop. Now, Mercalli Easy is thankfully helping moms with their unintentional jittery videos from those unplanned, and sometimes planned, videos!

Uploading the video to our computers we are often surprised by the jiggling of the video camera as you tried your best to keep the camera still as you were overjoyed with the scene.  Mercalli Easy has come to the rescue of Smart Mamas and Dadas. Running the video through their Mercalli Easy application and the jiggling is gone.  You’ll be impressed with the results. I was.

I recently, and quite proudly I might add, watched and quickly recorded my 5 year old ride her bike without training wheels for the 1st time! I was so proud. I chased her around the backyard with my phone video camera recording as much as I could. Understandably, I did not stop for a second to see the video quality and recorded vertically rather than the much preferred horizontal layout.

I decided to try this ultra jiggly video in Mercalli Easy. I launched in on my PC, uploaded  and dropped the video into the application and began the process. After several minutes the stabilized video was ready. A split screen format allowed me to view the before and after. The finished video was truly far less wobbly (my daughter’s word choice) than the original. It was certainly a great improvement to the video – especially being a video that will be seen many, many times.

How do you deal with jiggly videos? Have you tried Mercalli Easy?


To learn more about Mercalli and how to get it installed on your PC visit


Disclosure: I was provided with a demo of Mercalli Easy for evaluation purposes. I was compensated for my time to put together this evaluation. All opinions are my own and not swayed by compensation.


  1. Adhriene says

    I actually love making videos and even discovering things to use when making good videos…I am sure this Mercalli can help…

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