Traveling Hotel Reviews Make You Wonder

Have you ever used to help decide which hotel to stay at for your next vacation? I have. Tons of times. Actually just this summer we were pla nning a summer getaway with my parents to Boca Raton. My mother, a corporate travel agent, had wanted to stay a the Boca Raton Resort and Club. I, the tech-savvy family member, went online to see what what others thought of it. Throughout the website I read dozens and dozens of review, great, good and even some bad. Some where so good that I started wondering who wrote it, others were so bad that I started thinking if the reviewer just was in a bad mood or may be even the hotel’s competitor faking a review. Well, we took our chances and enjoyed 4 wonderful days. The hotel was great, although we did encounter an inconvenience or two that the bad reviewer had mentioned. Ironic.

Here’s a great article that I recently came across on AOL Travel, written by Carrie Nieman Culpepper, that offers some great tips for you and me on how to discern which reviews are real and which may be fake. Great article!

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