Friday! Family Tree-ing?!

Smarty Pants Mama Move of the Day – Buy genealogy software!!!

One of the items on my “list” is to digitize our family tree. Years ago, a distant cousin in Germany gave me a family tree that he had done. It was written in pencil on a long bulletin board paper. I’ve had it rolled up in the poster holder since then with the idea to buy a family tree software and enter in what he had done and add more. I’ve been forever excited with this but have not yet found a moment to begin!

I’m super inspired to start! I spent some time yesterday searching for what’s the best application out there. I’m stumped. I’ve read good and bad reviews on what I beleive to be the 2 top competitors – Family Tree Maker and Legacy. What I’m searching for is real true advice from people who have used either, or another, applications.
Please share!!!

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