February Resolution: Organization – The JUNK Drawer!

Oh yes, February Resolution: Organization continues!!!! Another kitchen drawer was tackled! This is the infamous junk drawer. I know you have one too! It has everything imaginable. I found 2 screwdrivers, an emery board, dozen of pens, markers, crayons, expired coupons, paper clips and 7 phone/USB type cords! I even found a Mexican peso! Well THANK YOU to the inventor of Ziploc, because that’s what saved me with this challenge! I organized the “junk” into 5 different categories and viola the drawer is organized. I also tossed sooooo much! It felt soooo good! Only one more drawer to go!!!!

I know I’m not the only Smart Mama out there with drawers in need of a little reorganization!!! Who’s on my team?!?!?!?


  1. Kelly at Home 19 February, 2010 at 10:26 Reply

    Oh my word, I love ziploc bags! I have my LIFE in them, LOL! I just found you through Follow Me Friday and am glad that I did! I'm following ya! :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend, mama!

    P.S. GREAT idea about posting recalls on Wed!! I'll be stopping in to check those regularly for sure!

    (Kelly at Home)

  2. happygal 19 February, 2010 at 17:36 Reply

    I have been on a massive organization mission, too. My goal has been to get rid of 500 pounds of clutter. Been working through it one area at a time, just like this. So kudos to you. And happy to have found you through FF. I am your newest follower.

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