eBay Photo Taking Guidelines to Help You be a Successful Seller

eBay Photo Taking Guidelines to Help You be a Successful Seller

Our eBay 5 Item Challenge continues!  We have ransacked out closets and identified at least 5 still new or gently used items that are ready to find new homes!  Now what do we do?

At eBay on Location in Orlando I had the opportunity to listen to eBay legend Griff explain what to and not to do when photographing your items to sell.  He has seen it all.  He showed us examples of big time photo disasters where clothing items were poorly photographed.  Wrinkled shirts and button downs that looked blue but were supposed to be green according to the description were some of his examples.  It was a great reminder that even if you are a novice with a basic digital camera, there are important guidelines to follow to increase your chance for a successful eBay sale.

eBay Photo Taking Guidelines

  1. Take pictures of all sides.  When you go shopping and pull a shirt off the rack, do you ever turn it around to see what the back looks like?  Your potential buyers want to do the same.  This is especially important if your item has special detail, possibly lace or an intricate pattern.  You’ll want to photograph that up-close so it can be shown off.
  2. Consider the background when photographing.  Your stack of mail or cup of coffee shouldn’t be in the background.  Black velvet has proven to be the best background for displaying items.
  3. What’s the lighting like?  A blue shirt may look green when you photograph it because of incorrect lighting. Look at the photo and see how it compares to the actual item.  Adjust the lighting if necessary.
  4. Be honest.  If the dress has a small stain, state that in the description and even take a picture of it.  You don’t want disappointed customers who think you weren’t being honest.
  5. Model it!  If the item is gently worn (not new with tags) consider including a photo of it being worn.  Customers won’t have the opportunity to see what the item looks like on, so show them.

These 5 tips aren’t revolutionary but they are essential in eBay.  You need to understand that your potential customer doesn’t get the chance to try on the shirt, feel the texture and see the pattern up close.  Through photos and a well written description your customer can arrive at your eBay listing and feel like the shirt is right in their hands.

Get your items ready. Decide how it will be best to photograph each item.  Be sure to let me know through a comment below how your photo shoot goes.  Please ask additional question you may have.  I would be happy to help you out!  Good luck with your photo shoot.  I can’t wait to hear about it!

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Disclosure: This post has been created in connection with my appointment as an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador. This is a compensated appointment.




  1. Lessa 11 October, 2011 at 22:07 Reply

    Im glad you have shared these tips, as a buyer these are the thinks I like to see especially the selection of photos so hopefully more people will set their listings up this way!

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