Disney Baby Little Character Contest: My Ballerina Moment

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That transition from infant to toddler is more than just a birthday. My youngest turned 1 in May. It’s bittersweet. There are many parts of infancy that a mother loves.

 The 1st gurgles and smiles. The 1st time she grabs your fingers or claps. As Baby Cecilia reached her 1st first birthday I knew there were many magical moments that were to come, especially during her toddler years. A weekend shortly after her 1st birthday, we headed to a ballerina birthday party of  a classmate of my 5 year old. A magical moment awaited us that day.

The “big” girls were running around wearing tutus, doing some arts and crafts and having a bit of a dance party. True 5 year old happiness. The just turned 1 year old want to be part of the fun. Already a walker, she would follow the girls around. The big girls didn’t seem to notice her, with the exception of a few “awwws, she’s so cute.”

A real ballerina arrived to do a ballet lesson with the girls about an hour into the party. The birthday girl’s mom passed out beautiful tutus for the girls to wear during their lesson. She handed one for my baby. Her eyes lit up. She grabbed it and wanted it, just like her big sister. I carefully pulled the tutu on her, above her floral sun dress.

My heart melted. She looked like such a big girl, but with her beautiful, innocent baby face. It was such a special, magical moment. This was her 1st experience as a “big girl” while she was still a “baby girl.” I loved it.

Baby Cecilia is in Awe of Her Big Sister

Magical moments like these aren’t planned and often unexpected. They are treasured forever in our hearts, and hopefully captured through photo.

What is one of your most treasured baby “magical moments?”

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  1. Jackie 11 June, 2012 at 11:21 Reply

    Oh my…. look at that face! I just want to squish those cheeks!

    Those first two – three years have so many changes, milestones, and magical moments that’s for sure. They’re all moments you want to capture and never forget.

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