Comcast Xfinity TV App Makes My Husband Giddy

Hey, who changed the channel? That’s how I first got my husband’s attention with the Comcast Xfinity TV App. The app is downloaded on my iPhone and has been the cause of many giggles, and tons of time-saving opportunities. It all started the day I first downloaded the app while sitting on the couch next to Tom. The app asked me which TV I wanted to control. Hold on, did it ask me if I wanted to control a TV? Yes!  Tom never ever asks me that!

There was no need to snatch the remote from my husband – the man who even holds it when we’re watching a movie. I selected the TV in the living room and on my phone appeared the TV listing of what’s on. I could scroll right down like I would on the guide on the TV, but it was easier due to the technology of the smart phone. I found a program I liked – one that I knew Tom wouldn’t necessarily put on himself – and selected it. Done. The channel changed. Tom looked confused. I looked satistfied. This was awesome.

I caved in and let Tom know of my new “remote.” Within 5 minutes he downloaded it to his phone. Beyond the fun of always having a remote in your pocket and causing tons of odd looks when you switch the channel from another room or across town, the Xfinity TV app is part of the solution to a Smart Mama’s quest to “when on Earth will I get it all done?” You see, no matter where you are, as long as your smart phone has signal you’ll be able to access your TVs lineup. Now you’ll have the time to schedule your DVR – a task a Smart Mama rarely has time to do! Scrolling through the TV Listings you can – at your own pace – learn about new and upcoming shows. You can check out what’s currently recorded on each of your DVRs!

When connected to a Wi-Fi network your opportunities expand – big time. Through your Xfinity TV app you can watch a TV show, a movie and pretty much anything on On Demand where I may be on my mobile device! When you’re waiting FOREVER in the pediatrician’s office, pull up an episode of The Wiggles to entertain the impatient toddler! Or if EVERY TV is taken at home and you just want to watch one of “your shows” launch the app on your iPad and you have your own personal “television!”   Whether you have a smart phone or an iPad, the downloaded Xfinity TV app is guaranteed to bring you entertainment and time on your hands!

What do you think? Have you downloaded yet? Will you? What are you most looking forward to?

Download to iPhone or iPad:

Download to Android:

Disclosure: As a member of the Comcast Digital Ambassador Program, I receive Xfinity Triple Play in exchange for my involvement in the program. All opinions are my own. Images and logos courtesy of Comcast.



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