Hormel Gathering Dips Review – An Easy Entertaining Idea

Gatherings Dips

Last weekend we headed over to a last minute get together at the home of our good friends with anther family. We get together a lot. We’re not formal. We like to have fun, chat, eat and have a glass (or two) of wine. I said I would bring an appetizer.  With the last minute [...]

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Brussel Spouts with Bacon

I recently made a Brussel Spouts with Bacon side dish that came out delicious and I knew I needed to share it with you! Yes, everything tastes better with bacon! This Brussel Sprouts with Bacon recipe might help encourage those veggie-resistant eaters in your home to have a spoonful or two! To be honest, my [...]

How to Use Leftover Ham or Turkey

Turkey Leftovers

You spent hours at the table devouring every last bite of turkey and ham. The meats were delicious and the leftovers must be used. I’ve shared with you our Ham Croquetas recipe that is perfect for the leftover ham like Hormel® Cure 81®.  That same recipe can be easily be tweaked to make turkey croquetas.    [...]

Pepperoni Dip Recipe

Pepperoni Dip Recipe

Receive the Smarty Pants Mama Newsletter for more FREE crafts, recipes, travel tips and home experiences!  An easy dip recipe for football season, get-togethers or any type of informal gathering is essential.  You’ll want to pull out the bag of tortilla chips and pull up a chair after you make this dip. This Pepperoni Dip [...]

Cubans Don’t Know Tacos & Other Misconceptions in Hispanic Food

Hispanic Food

One of the most important components of culture is food. When we think of Italians, we think of pizza and pasta. When we think of Greeks, we think of gyros or hummus. What  food comes to mind when you think of Cubans? Please don’t say tacos. There are misconceptions in Hispanic food. Hispanics may all [...]

Bento Box Idea: Ham Roll Ups

Bento Box Ides with Washi Tape

My non-sandwich eating 1st grader does like meats, especially ham. She likes bread, but she doesn’t like ham and bread together. When creating her lunch this year, I’m heavily influenced by all the fantastic bento box ideas I come across online, especially on Pinterest. I need to find ways to provide her the protein she needs [...]

School Lunch Idea: Hormel REV Wrap

Hormel REV Wrap

The new Hormel REV Wraps make a great school lunch box addition – their tasty, inexpensive and low in calorie. As a Hormel Extended Family Blogger I have been provided with a variety of REV Wraps to try.  REV Wraps for the Lunch Box We’ll be packing lunch boxes before long. Time to stock up [...]

Easy BLT Dip Recipe

BLT Bacon Choices

Tis the time of year for backyard barbecues and vegetable gardens. This Easy BLT Dip recipe is a perfect addition to your next summertime hangout. It’s a simple recipe, that’s delicious! It’s also a great use of the fresh tomatoes from your vegetable garden! Plus, for all you bacon lovers out there, it’s got bacon! [...]

3 Kid Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Kid Friendly Breakfast

We wake up way too early in this house. My alarm goes off at 6:09, 6:16 and 6:31. If that 6:31 goes off we’re still in bed we’re in trouble! We need to be out of the house by 7:10 AM. I need the kids up, dressed and fed while they deal with each other’s [...]

How to Use Leftover Ham to Make Cuban Croquetas

Leftover Ham

Will you be serving ham this weekend? What will you do with the inevitable leftover ham? Yes, ham sandwiches are always satisfying, but in this house we love to make croquetas de jamón, ham croquettes.  Croquetas are a common finger food with latins in South Florida. You find trays of croquetas at every birthday party [...]