Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List!

ebay holiday gift guide

Are you done yet? I’m almost there. I have a few more gifts to get. We all hit that slump when we are zapped out of gift ideas. I’ve found some at the Ebay Holiday Gift Guide (, believe me, I even had Tom use it! The Ebay Holiday Gift Guide  is user friendly and picture heavy. [...]

Thank You Ebay for Empowering Me

ebay thank you

In the late fall of 2007 I lost my job. It was a great job with decent pay. We relied on my earnings. I filed for unemployment and began my search. Within a few weeks I found a job, making much less than before. I was lucky, but faced the fact that our family income [...]

Make Money – There’s an App for That!

Make Money with Ebay Mobile

I guarantee that we each have at least a dozen or so items in our closets that haven’t been used EVER or in FOREVER! As this new school year begins, take the time to clean out and make money. Of course, let’s do this as easy as possible by using the ebay mobile app. For [...]

Make Me Money Vintage Peignoir

Vintage Peignoir

I’m going to make money from my mom’s vintage peignoir! First off, I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth is a peignoir!? According to Wikipedia, “A peignoir (pronounced: [pɛ.ɲwaːʁ]) is a long outer garment for women which is frequently sheer and made of chiffon or other translucent fabrics. The word comes from French peigner, to comb [...]

Make Moving Easier with Ebay

Moving Boxes

Yes, we’re moving! It’s a big hooray in this house! The only downside is cleaning out and packing. It’s as exhausting as it sounds! I’ve got about 30 days and I’ve decided to make money with the move and not spend too much on the tools and supplies I need to get into the new [...]

Couch Shopping for Vintage Wears on Mad Men

Ebay Mad Men Couch Shopping

Watching Mad Men and you are drawn to the vintage fashions of Betty and Peggy, and all their co-workers and friends of course. You want that dress, you want that vintage lamp, you want your home to look like the set of Mad Men. So many do. We want to find great vintage wears and [...]

Find the Right Price on EBAY

EBAY Sales

If it’s priced right it will sell. We hear that advice from selling a house, to a car to anything on EBAY. Determining the right price for selling on EBAY is best done through completed listings in the advanced search. Through the complete listings, you learn the history of items similar to your item. You [...]

4 Essentials for Your EBay Shipping Kit

EBAY Shipping Kit

Shipping on EBAY can be intimidating. Believe me, I’ve been intimidated. With the right tools you’ll be set to correctly asses the shipping costs for an item you intend to list.  Watch and listen to my EBAY shipping essentials. You may already have many of these items. Do you? Many of them are reusable from [...]

#EbayParent Panel Gets Me Ready to Sell on EBAY

The content was amazing! I asked a million questions. I came back from the EBAY Parent Panel Summit in San Jose, California pumped to sell my treasures on EBAY! I have bags of clothing, stacks of plates, boxes of shoes and boxes of old random AV cords that will make me money when I sell [...]

6 Ways Ebay Can Help You Be a Smarter Mom & Wife


Ebay can not only help you make money, but help you be a smarter wife and mom! A Smart Mama not only knows the resources available to help her, she uses them too!  Try any or all of these ways to be a Smarter Mama through EBAY! Support your family’s finances by earning a few [...]