Smart Cause: Hockey for Huggies! NHL & Diapers now go hand in hand!

Huggies Bottom

What does hockey have to do with diapers?  Diapers and ice hockey typically don’t go hand in hand until now!  This month the NHL has teamed up with Huggies and Every Little Bottom with Hockey for Huggies. Throughout February, the 30 National Hockey League (NHL) teams will host diaper drives at their arenas during a [...]

12 Days of Diapers! Win a $200 Amazon gift card or other great prizes!

12 Days of Diapers! Win a $200 Amazon gift card or other great prize!  Giveaway ends tomorrow, December 17th!! Please be sure to participate in 12 Days of Diapers today! Simply make a diaper donation to a participating Every Little Bottom diaper bank, or other local organization to enter! See more details at: As [...]

Smart Cause: Step 1 to Hosting a Diaper Drive

Huggies Video Clip

Last month I hosted a diaper drive during a garage sale. It was easy! See what I had to say and then read about the 1st simple step to hosting your own diaper drive! What did you think?  Can you do it too?  I KNOW your can!  Today I begin an 8 part series walking [...]

Smart Cause: Ellen Pompeo Scrubs in for Diapers

Diaper Drive 1

Earlier in the week, I talked to a mom. She’s a mother of a 1 year old girl. She’s a mother like you and I. She loves yoga, is exhausted and can’t believe how fast the 1st year has gone. She’s also a mother whose passion to support causes has shifted to more motherly interests [...]

Smart Cause: The Garage Sale WITH a Diaper Drive!


Tomorrow is a BIG DAY! FINALLY, I’m getting rid of my trash treasures! My husband and I are having a garage sale and I couldn’t be more excited!  Honestly, I think my husband is more excited that I am finally agreeing to purge some of the crazy trash treasures that I’ve held onto for so [...]

Smart Cause: Destiny Diaper Bank


The Destiny Diaper Bank needs YOU! Rev. Rebecca Hines has dedicated her time, finances and energy to be certain that every little bottom in her area has the proper diaper it needs with the creation of Destiny Diaper Bank.  Each week she receives individuals and organization at the bank’s doorstep that are in need.  She [...]

Smart Cause: Conference attendees donate 1000 diapers at BlogHer!

Every Little Bottom Donating Diapers

A Jimmy Dean alarm clock, a Dora t-shirt, a half a dozen reusable grocery bags, packs of detergent and more were some of the swag items at this year’s BlogHer 2010 conference in New York City. Bloggers from across the globe, primarily women, attended the conference to learn the very best strategies on blogging and [...]