Breast Cancer Information Gets Digital

Breast Cancer Gets Digital

High School classmate Jen who lost her battle to breast cancer.

Currently, one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.  Those numbers are on the rise globally. Frightening. I remember thinking as a child that breast cancer wouldn’t effect my generation because of course there would be a cure when I got “old.” Sadly, I have already lost one high school classmate, Jen, to this disease. She was only 33, and a mother to 3 young boys. Speaks to Xfinity

Technology is playing a role in breast cancer education and advancement of research. The Internet, television and radio are the most valuable broadcasters. Comcast Xfinity has recognized their role in sharing information on breast cancer prevention. I was thrilled to learn how the’s Lifestyle Editor, Audrey Morrison, recently sat down with Dr. Weiss, the president and founder of, to ask her about the myths surrounding the illness. She shared powerful information, including ways to educate the public on awareness and detection, and what readers can do to minimize their risks.  See the full article for prevention tips.

Breast Cancer Information Broadcasted

For the sixth year in a row, Xfinity TV and are bringing viewers educational information on breast cancer across screens and devices as part of the Pink Ribbon Campaign.

Tips on prevention, health and wellness, along with movies and TV shows that explore the issue and music selections from survivors such as Edie Falco, Cynthia Nixon, Sheryl Crow and Robin Roberts are currently available on Xfinity On Demand, and the Xfinity TV apps.

I am honored to share this information as part of my compensated partnership with Comcast.


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