Book Review: Liking Myself; The Mouse, The Monster and Me

Wow, what a nice, enjoyable way to present conflict management skills t o children and parents. If you have been looking for ways to reach your munchkin who is struggling with self-esteem or has shown aggressive behavior these two books are certainly worth your time!

Drs. Palmer and Hart have re-published Liking Myself and The Monster, The Mouse and Me. These are must-haves for parents, school counselors, therapists and teachers. The pages of each book are filled  with activities, games and stories, each using unique, age appropriate ways of helping a child (ages 8+) become a more assertive person. The handwriting-type font, brings a more casual approach to this very important topic.

Don’t just take my Smart Mama advice! These books have become international bestsellers in 6 languages, selling over half a million copies around the globe!

They are available online or from the publisher
You can also get mor einformation at and at


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