Be GREEN to make GREEN! A chance to win $1000 EBAY gift card, plus ways to earn dollars too!

The greenest product is one that already exists. A pre-owned find has history. By bringing it home, you extend its useful life, keep it out of the landfill, and prevent the environmental impact of producing something new. – EBAY Green Team (

Had you realized how GREEN you can be by buying gently worn clothing?  Or that your closets and drawers are probably filled with clothing that can be sold to another family rather than tossed in the garbage & ending in a landfill?  As Smart Mamas we strive to live a greener, healthier lifestyle.  Using cleaning products with zero harmful chemicals, cloth diapers for the babies and reusable water containers on hot days, we each find methods to minimize our carbon footprint.

The recently launched EBAY Green page ( is a marketplace and resource guide for moms (and dads) looking to be more GREEN.  As always, the gently worn clothing, the water bottles, cloth diapers and more can be easily found on EBAY.  Plus, many of these items are sold by moms & dads just like us who want to do their part to go GREEN and earn extra dollars for their family.  I love to walk away from a successful EBAY purchase with a smile on my face, knowing that I have extended the life of something that may have ended up in a garbage pile, plus helped a family earn a few dollars (see EBAY Money Makers!)

Not sure where to start?

The landing page at shares tons of ideas of what you may have to buy or sell that’s GREEN in your living room, wardrobe or technology cabinet. Remember that there are many, many families who also want to be GREEN. Use this area of the site to spark ideas of what you could sell that would be GREEN and may appeal to GREEN buyers.

Eco Shopping List

The Eco Shopping Lists at are member created and showcase GREEN items currently being sold within EBAY. You’ll find lists for automotive products, pre-loved fashions and more.  Can you think of a few items that are great GREEN that are currently selling on EBAY? Create your own GREEN list to share with other members.  Or, highlight your GREEN EBAY inventory that you are selling!  It’s a great (free) way to market your items!

This Rather Than That with GREENer Alternatives

What’s a GREENer alternative to the traditional chemical-based cleaning products?  Vinegar, or other Earth-friendly cleaners are great alternatives.  Just looking through your home you’ll think of “There’s got to be something GREENer to use than this?” Browse through the GREENer Alternatives section at and you’ll be surprised! Think of GREEN alternative that you could sell.

Would you like a $1000 with that?

Yes, the EBAY Green Team will randomly select one member who creates an Eco List and/or GREENer Alternative between now and January 31st to win $1000 EBAY dollars!  Talk about an incentive!

To enter:

1. Visit
2. Sign with your eBay User ID and password
3. Join the Green Team (link is at the bottom of the page)
4. On the homepage ( identify the “Greener Alternative” and “Eco Shopping Lists” sections
5. Next to these sub headers, you’ll see “add an item” or “create a list”
6. To enter the contest, select the proper category and click on “add an item” or “create a list”
7. By adding an item URL from the eBay marketplace and explaining why it’s a greener alternative or creating a list of eco items, you are entered to win.
8. Once the listing appears on the site, you are entered to win a $1,000 eBay gift card!
Note: The items you add can be anything from the marketplace, you could even choose an item you’re selling for further promotion. The contest limits one entry per category for every user.

Official rules can be found here.

Be sure to let me know you entered the giveaway so I can check out your list or greener alternative!

Disclosure: This post has been created in connection with my appointment as an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador.


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