A Conference Speaking Experience to Remember

On September 6-7 I attended the Niche Parent Conference at the Westin Diplomat in Fort Lauderdale. This conference was packed with great presentations and many top of the line social media influencers.  This was my first speaking engagement as a professional blogger & vlogger.

On Friday afternoon I stood in front of many attendees to share my passion for vlogging in my session, Vlogging: Making it Practical, Fun & Professional.

Vlogging is blogging (sharing your story) in video format. I produce frequent short videos – under 2 minutes – in my home, car or essentially anywhere. I enjoy using video to share my experiences as a mom. These videos are published on the Smarty Pants Mama YouTube channel for all of you  to enjoy – which I hope you do!

While I have great confidence in vlogging, others are new and unsure of how to begin. My presentation provided practical to tips on what to do (wear lipstick) and what not to do (where sunglasses) when filming one self.

I shared that the possibilities of where to vlog are endless. As you know, I blog in all sorts of places! 

Lastly, I encouraged each potential vlogger to share the videos with their social networks. Each time they upload to YouTube, they must let you, me and all their friends and followers know about their latest video! We want to support them. We want to watch their video. We want to LIKE their video. We want to SHARE their video!

My heart got warm and bubbly within a few hours of my presentation. When I read some of the remarks from those who attended my session.


When I spoke to the attendees my ultimate goal was to encourage at least one person to create a vlog. I’ve accomplished that and FAR MORE! I am grateful. I am blessed.

I invite (strongly encourage) you to visit Gladys Diaz’ vlog she did from my inspiration! Leave her a comment and/or LIKE the video! 

Tremendous thanks to COVERGIRL for providing all sorts of lipsticks for the attendees to use for their next vlog!



  1. Gladys Diaz 11 September, 2013 at 07:03 Reply

    Thanks again for the wonderful session and for inspiring me to just do it! Your session was informative and fun! And I loved the lipsticks! Wearing lilsticks ans lipgloss is one of my favorite forms of self-care and I always encourage my clients to wear it so that they smile more and feel more confident on a date! 🙂 Thanks again!!!

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