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CVS MinuteClinic Ambassadors Take On BlogHer

CVS MinuteClinic Ambassadors

At the start of of August, less than a week after closing and moving into our new home, I packed my bags and headed up to NYC. For nearly 4 long, exhausting days I bonded with many of the near 5000 men and women attending the 8th annual BlogHer Conference at the NY Hilton. You may remember that I attended in 2010 as part of the Huggies Every Little Bottom Campaign.  This year I went with much thanks to my CVS MinuteClinic ambassadorship with Annie of and Charlene of ... [ Read More ]

3 Reasons I’m Celebrating at BlogHer12


August 2-4 the largest blogging conference, BlogHer will have thousands of bloggers obsessing all-things social media and beyond in New York City. It's the Mac Daddy of conference. I attended in 2010 thanks to my partnership with Huggies Every Little Bottom. This year I return through a just launched partnership with CVS MinuteClinic! I'm thrilled to go! Why am I thrilled to go? Here are my top 3 reasons! My new partnership with CVS Minute Clinic means I will have the opportunity to ... [ Read More ]

Got Milk for Breakfast? I Did at BlogHer and My Daughter Did at Home!


You know I love milk. Whether it’s skim, chocolate or yummy Simply Smart, I have at least a glass a day.  The glass typically gets mixed in with my morning cereal. Yes, I’m a cereal person. I know that there are many more of you out there.  I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve been known to take a bowl for snack time too!  My daughter takes after me.  It may be her favorite breakfast food!  How about you? Are you a cereal person?  What’s your favorite? In previous ... [ Read More ]

Smart Cause: Conference attendees donate 1000 diapers at BlogHer!

Every Little Bottom Donating Diapers

A Jimmy Dean alarm clock, a Dora t-shirt, a half a dozen reusable grocery bags, packs of detergent and more were some of the swag items at this year’s BlogHer 2010 conference in New York City. Bloggers from across the globe, primarily women, attended the conference to learn the very best strategies on blogging and about the latest product innovations that may interest their readers.  Vendors like to provide conference attendees with freebies, a.k.a. swag, to encourage them to try a new product ... [ Read More ]

Smart Food: Jimmy D’s Griddle Sticks w/giveaway


Mommy, can I have a pancake on a popsicle? Bet your child didn’t ask you that this morning! Jimmy Dean has created what I consider a mother’s solution to eating on the run, the Jimmy D’s Griddle Stick!  This pancake on a stick has a delicious turkey sausage in the middle.  After just 60 seconds in the microwave your child is holding their breakfast and ready to munch on the run. The 160 calories and 7 grams of protein also they make Smart Mama happy, too!  The griddle sticks sell for about ... [ Read More ]

Smart Food: Simply Smart Cheddar Chive Mini Muffins


Are you wondering what is Hood Simply Smart Milk?  I was.  Here’s what I found out: Hood found an innovative, natural technique called ultra filtration to remove some of the water that makes lowfat milk look and taste watery.  The result is simply delicious milk rich in nutrition and taste.  Simply Smart: All the taste, without all the fat. Not bad. Right? Many of us love milk and most of us use it in cooking. But the skim milk we typically drink does not provide the proper consistency ... [ Read More ]

Flying with Toddler Tip

Flying with Toddler

If you will be flying with a toddler, you'll want to be prepared. Children want to be entertained on and off board! Pre-wrapping little trinkets will provide loads of entertainment and hopefully peace when you embark on flying with a toddler.  A Bag, Wrapping Paper + Cheap Toys = happy child on plane We’ve flown to NY several times with my daughter since she was about 1.  It can be an exhausting expedition in the air, especially when she’s tired, unruly, or bored, or even worse, ... [ Read More ]

Smart Product: PrintingHQ Business Cards (w/20% discount)


Incredible customer service, quality product, very affordable and fast!  You can’t ask for much more from a business card manufacturer.  PrintingHQ dedicated time and attention to my urgent printing need.  With BlogHer10 fast approaching a few weeks back, I was tremendously disappointed by a set of business cards I had ordered from a competitor.  It is evident that a human eye never verified the order before or after it went through the printer.  The cards were clearly not centered and looked ... [ Read More ]

Smart Cause: Every Little Bottom – Twitter Party, 7/28 @ 9PM ET & PT

Yes, Every Little Bottom is ready to party at BlogHer! Are you!?  This Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 9PM ET & then again at 9PM PT the Huggies Every Little Bottom Ambassadors (MommyWords, House of Prince, A Parent in Silver Spring, Rookie Moms, Jenny of the Spot and Smarty Pants Mama) welcome you to join in on a great Twitter party to celebrate the ways we can each get involved in the Every Little Bottom campaign! We’ll talk about NYC and the gazillion of things to do!  Heading to a BlogHer ... [ Read More ]