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Cubans Don’t Know Tacos & Other Misconceptions in Hispanic Food

Hispanic Food

One of the most important components of culture is food. When we think of Italians, we think of pizza and pasta. When we think of Greeks, we think of gyros or hummus. What  food comes to mind when you think of Cubans? Please don’t say tacos. There are misconceptions in Hispanic food. Hispanics may all speak the same language but they don't necessarily eat the same foods. Cubans Aren't Taco Experts There have been countless times in my life where people have assumed that since I speak ... [ Read More ]

The Hispanic Caregiver – A Real Story and Honest Resources

Comfort Care Plus defines a caregiver as a person who cares for someone who is sick or disabled. My mother, a 60-something Hispanic, is what the The State of the Hispanic Caregiver has deemed as most common caregiver in need. Hispanic caregivers, according to the report, are younger and more likely to experience stress than their Caucasian counterparts. I have witnessed the stress. My Mother the Caregiver My father is a recent cancer survivor but currently and will always endure effects from the ... [ Read More ]

Shooting for the Stars, Reaching for the Dream

For The Dream

This is part of a sponsored campaign with DiMe Media and Coca-Cola. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Her Dream She asks already. My 8 year old talks about the future. She asks us questions about high school, college and careers. She is curious about everything. Her future is ahead of her. There is so much that she will experience and we couldn't be more excited. The college dream should never be just a dream. At this point in her life, my 8 year old views ... [ Read More ]

A Typical Cuban Breakfast

Cuban Breakfast

"When in Rome" is a saying I try to adhere to in our travels. If you are traveling to South Florida, particularly Miami, you must enjoy traditional Cuban cuisine. From una medianoche sandwich to una tosatada to ropa vieja to una frita visitors must enjoy the savory flavors of the island that are now replicated, quite perfectly, in the states. A Cuban breakfast just like the Cubans on Calle Ocho or even Havana bring a coffee and buttered bread to a whole new level. A Cuban breakfast is ... [ Read More ]

Spanish Disney Website for Bilingual Exposure

Disney Aja

My kids – like your kids, I’m sure – appreciate computer/iPad time. As a former educator and educational technology specialist, I really encourage applications and programs that provide learning opportunities. The new Spanish Disney website, Disney Ajá, makes a debut during Hispanic Heritage Month to provide kids with additional exposure to a second language, in a format they love. For the first time ever, Spanish-language programming is available on through ... [ Read More ]

Moms Benefitting from Soybean Oil Recipes

Soybean Recipes

Open your pantry. Pull out the oil. What do you see? Your bottle of vegetable oil - the best oil for frying and the base to many Hispanic foods - is likely 100% soybean oil! This oil provides a hearty dose of vitamin E and omega-3s, which may help reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disease. Earlier this year, I searched all over the speciality/gourmet aisles in search for the healthy oil - and much to my surprise it was the inexpensive oil I had already  in my kitchen. I've ... [ Read More ]

Dr. Aroma Got It Right – Now Win a YEAR SUPPLY of GAIN!

Dr. Aroma

A load a day. That’s what I’m averaging. Laundry can be a headache. It just never, ever seems to be done. However, at the end, the basket of clean smelling clothing is so worth it. But what is “clean smelling? It can mean so different to many people. In actuality a recent study has shown that 86% of U.S. Hispanics feel it is important for their personal scent to match their personality and 96% of U.S. Americans said that smelling good is an important part of feeling confident. Are you part of ... [ Read More ]

Multi-Cultural Upbringing Makes Me Orgullosa

Orgullosa Girls

I am 100% Hispanic, born to two Cuban immigrants. I am married to a predominantly Italian-American, who carries an Irish last name. He is 2nd generation Italian through one grandparent, and 3rd generation through two other grandparents. Both our families maintained cultural traditions as we were raised. We ate customary foods, sang traditional songs and celebrated holidays in culturally traditional ways. Now it’s our turn to continue this respect and honor of culture. I want my children to ... [ Read More ]

I have Mom Guilt and it’s Okay

Sipping Frozen Mojito

A weekend away - without the family - is quite relaxing. But, there is a truckload of Mom Guilt that comes with it. Being okay that you missed the soccer game, the classmate's water park birthday party or your oldest's 1st tooth fall out is tough. In the last 3 months I've been away quite a bit for work and during these times I've missed some milestones and plenty of moments. It's okay. It happens. There is just a lot of Mom Guilt that comes with each trip. In March, as I enjoyed a few ... [ Read More ]


My Loves!

Welcome to! So happy to have you here! Want to know a little bit about me? Of course you do! I am a Hispanic mom to two beautiful girls, aged 7 and 3 and the wife to a very supportive husband, Tom. I have been sharing  “been there, done that” advice with friends and family FOREVER! I'm that friend who has random knowledge on all sorts of things in and around our community. Friends call upon me for suggestions on restaurants, summer camps, recipes ... [ Read More ]