6 Ways Ebay Can Help You Be a Smarter Mom & Wife

Ebay can not only help you make money, but help you be a smarter wife and mom!

A Smart Mama not only knows the resources available to help her, she uses them too!  Try any or all of these ways to be a Smarter Mama through EBAY!

  1. Support your family’s finances by earning a few dollars, a few hundred or even a few thousand, by selling items you no longer need. Cleaning out the basement and hitting up garage sales and thrift stores, a Smart Mama can make her EBAY inventory. The PayPal account receiving your payments will soon fill with dollars and cents to use for family financial obligations or even a fun vacation! EBAY pro Tristan O’Brien shared his remarkable story in the Ebay Money Makers video. He could do it, so can you!
  2. Memorabilia galore! You can find your husband that autographed Mickey Mantle rookie card that he has mumbled about for years. I have purchased 4 autographed photos, with certificates of authenticity, for the huge Yankee fan in this house. It has always been the 1st place I look when buying memorabilia.
  3. You can go green by learning about the thousands of green items for sale or ready for you to sell on Many Smart Mamas want to be green, leaving just a small carbon footprint behind them. Learn about the green items in your home that another Smart Mamamay want to buy, and see what items you can purchase to make your parenting greener.
  4. Support one of thousands of charities, such as the American Heart Association, when selling or making a purchase. Through Ebay Giving Works over $200 million has been raised for over 20,000 non-profits! Opt to have a portion of your sales go to the charity of your choice!
  5. Save money by finding great deals on new or gently used products! Buying new isn’t always necessary. Just like the blouse that is in a size that no longer works for you, it may fit another Smart Mama perfectly. Don’t turn the blouse into a rag; turn it into a few dollars by selling it. Or buy brand new items, like the Brita Filters I sold that I hadn’t even opened.
  6. Increase livable space in your home! Make yourself a scrapbooking/craft/reading room by finally clearing out and selling all the junk treasures in the spare bedroom or the overstuffed closet. I set out to rid myself of 5 items in my packed closet. I sold them all and earned back some space!

Disclosure: This post has been created in connection with my appointment as an EBAY Parent Panel Ambassador. Additionally, I have included eBay affiliatelinks. This is a compensated appointment.

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